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About Talk To C - Talent Hub

Welcome to our Talent Hub

Talk To C brings you together with other young potentials and senior leaders. Gain access to valuable insights and connect with other like-minded individuals. All in one place: our vibrant Talent Hub community.

Why you belong to our Talent hub

Our community is for everyone who’s curious and passionate about acquiring new skills by learning from experienced leaders, coaches and peers.

At Talent Hub we share the same DNA. Our members believe that an improvement of 1% a day, will result in remarkable growth in the long run. That's a powerful thing that we've got in common! 

Let's meet new people and learn from each other to achieve your goals. By expanding your knowledge and network, you can boost your personal and professional growth.

Everything you need to grow

How can I get in touch with senior leaders and experts? Where can I find and meet people like me? Which skills do I need in the future and how can I acquire them?

Have you ever thought about similar questions? You're not the only one. We’ve got you covered. And we’ve made these things easy. We provide you access to knowledge and people. What you get depends on what you give. Your contribution is an essential part of making this community grow in value.

Expand and learn from your network

How you can connect with others:

  • Live session*
    Monthly event where you can interact with senior leaders and coaches
  • Share & grow session*
    Organised every two months to get inspired by shared insights
  • Online networking*
    Event every three months to meet other community members
  • Chat with members
    Get to know people with common interests
  • Write posts
    Exchange experiences, ask questions

* The events will be organised alternately on Tuesday and Thursday.

Discover the soft skills you need

Skills that are useful in your private and professional life translated to easy to consume content with hands-on tips and tricks. What you'll find in our member zone:

  • Masterclasses
  • Recommended reads and book summaries
  • Exclusive interviews & podcasts with experts

  • Workshop & webinar recordings

How we inspired others and made them grow

+200 motivated professionals preceded you. Are you next?

Members reported that they are able to save 4 hours on a weekly basis, thanks to the online content that is available in the community. 

Success stories

Talk To C is the missing piece of the puzzle in many academic programs. You learn soft skills that allow you to put your knowledge into perspective and apply it better and more efficiently. All this surrounded by passionate people who will help you take the next step. Nicolas Decuypere

Talk To C is indispensable for people who are working on personal development - whatever stage you are in. I myself thought, wrongly, that I had already come a long way in many areas but it was only after getting to know Talk To C, that I noticed how much more progress there still was to be made. This was a real eye-opener and I am very happy that I could follow it. Michiel Van Melkebeke

Your future success starts today

Ready to start this existing journey and be part of Talent Hub?

Curious to discover what’s inside Talent Hub? Try out features with a 1 month free trial.

By the way, we know that you’ll love this community. Not what you expected? No worries. You have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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